Webinar Success Story:

Implementing a Lean Learning Approach at Randstad

Randstad's Michelle Prince and Jessica Di Cicco, join Mind Tools' Oliver Craddock, for a 30-minute webinar.

Upcoming Webinar

February 28 @ 

      11:00 AM EST / 4:00 PM GMT

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In this free webinar, our speakers will discuss the challenges they've faced in L&D, and what tools and strategies they've adopted in order to overcome these obstacles, including:

  • The journey to a more innovative approach to L&D at Randstad.  
  • How Mind Tools has contributed to this lean learning approach.  
  • The success/results that the Randstad team have experienced. 

Register for the event now and we’ll send you the recording and presentation afterward - even if you didn’t get to attend.

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Oliver Craddock

Mind Tools Deputy CEO


Discussing Randstad's lean learning approach, and the journey it took to get there.


Michelle Prince

Randstad SVP, Global Head of Learning & Development


Jessica Di Cicco

Randstad Vice President, RUS Learning & Development


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